Milan writes:

The web site of Mix is very spartan, and it would be helpful to know more about the event. Is it targeted primarily to developers? Or Designers?

MIX is targeted at web developers, designers and business professionals. There will be some large sessions that should be interesting to all three groups as well as break-outs targeted at each individual group. Developers, for instance, might attend sessions exploring Atlas (our new, cross-browser AJAX framework) and the new Windows Presentation Foundation APIs; designers might attend round-tables on how to build pages that render properly in both IE6 and IE7 or explore our new Expression tools; while the business folks might discuss the future of e-commerce or learn about how Microsoft can help market new web businesses. And yes, we'll have some sessions that are very similar to your suggestions. (Thanks!)


Jerry writes:

Is this a 100% Microsoft pitch, or is there scope for partner presentations?

A lot of the content at MIX will be presented by third-parties and partners, including a few that are bound to surprise you! And yes, some partners will "pitch" their own solutions built on our technologies.


Mack writes:

Is it a conference or an unconference? Doesn't matter either way, I'm just interested to know which route MIX will fall more in line with.

Interesting question. We see MIX as basically a mixture of "conference" and "unconference." There will be some traditional lecture-type content, but also a large number of free-flowing, roundtable discussions.


Thanks to everyone who posted.


posted on Friday, December 16, 2005 9:15 PM by raywinn