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Hello. My name is Ray Winninger. In my day-job at Microsoft, I run a strategy and evangelism team that works with large, consumer web sites. I'm also responsible for corralling all the content that will be delivered at MIX this March. In the days and weeks ahead, I and some of my colleagues on the MIX team will drop by this blog to share our thoughts on the conference and preview some of what you'll see and hear there.

I thought I'd begin with a few words about what we hope to accomplish at MIX and what you can expect to find there.

Yes, it's been five long years since we released a new version of Internet Explorer but we've reallocated considerable resources to the IE team. In fact, Microsoft is redoubling its commitment to the Web and investing in a slew of new technologies and programs designed to help folks who do business on the Web deliver exciting new experiences to their users. You'll see early evidence of our renewed commitment next year with the releases of Internet Explorer 7, Windows Vista and Windows Live!

At MIX, with the help of some of our key partners, Bill and some of our other senior leaders will begin to illustrate what we're planning, and we'll explore how our various platform technologies can help transform the consumer web. We like to think of MIX as “a 72-hour conversation.” While we'll have plenty of information and ideas to share, we want to hear your thoughts as well. Got an opinion about where we should take Internet Explorer? Windows Media? ASP.NET? This is your chance to tell us.

Anyway, I'll be back with more info soon and I look forward to meeting you all in March!


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