Mix 06
  • Live in Vegas

All Sessions Are Now Online

We know you've been waiting. Perhaps you attended MIX06, but you weren't able to view three simultaneous sessions (an advanced conference technique one hones after years and years of TechEds and PDCs). Or, maybe you didn't make it to the event because we filled up before your boss approved your travel. Whatever the reason, you can now view all 52 sessions—including Bill's keynote—online. And, just like hitting the jackpot in Vegas, we're hosting all of this for anyone to access for free. Make sure you tell your friends.

We've upgraded our post-conference experience, and because you asked, we made it easy to download each session for offline viewing. You can also grab the PowerPoint presentations to show to your staff or local user group. And although you can show the slide decks around the family dinner table, we don't recommend it.

So, when you're ready, clear your calendar and dive in.

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