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Hi, my name is Jennifer Ritzinger.  I work with Ray and Robert Scoble at Microsoft in our corporate developer and partner evangelism group where I run a team that focuses on early adoption, mainly in the enterprise space.  I'm also part of the MIX team, and today we posted a lot (I mean a lot!) of new content about the event.  We have up our Top 20 session list, an agenda, and we've announced a couple of our main speakers including Bill Gates and Tim O'Reilly.     

For the content, we've posted the two main scenarios that most sessions at MIX will be focused on, which are Next Generation Content & Commerce and the User Experience Beyond the Browser. On our content page you'll find abstracts for a variety of sessions such as Designing a Better User Experience with AJAX, Extending Your Experience to the Living Room, and Introduction to InfoCard and the Identity Metasystem.  Plus, we've tagged each session for the type of role that should attend so based on your job and position, you know exactly which sessions are targeted for you.  We have content for web designers, developers and business decision makers at MIX.  Developers will have the opportunity to attend sessions where they can dive deep on content and geek out (in a good way!), designers will learn about the new Expression tools and how to create richer user experiences, and business professionals will be able to mix-n-mingle attending sessions on the Windows Vista and Internet Explorer roadmap, and learning how to further monetize their web offerings by hearing from Microsoft and other industry leaders.

Tim O'Reilly, the industry thought leader who coined the term Web 2.0, will also join Bill Gates in the general session to kick off MIX.  Cool, eh? 

See you in Vegas!  

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