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You've been asking for more detail on the content that's to be presented at MIX. A fair request. To that end: check out the just-posted Channel 9 video on MIX, here. Ray Winninger, Forest Key, Joshua Allen, and Thomas Lewis, from the MIX core content planning team, lead off with a high-level conversation about MIX but settle into a more focused discussion about the breakouts, panels, and third-parties that will form the content at MIX. As with any conference, this is all coming together in real-time, but Ray, Forest, and Joshua spill what they know as they pull together content aimed at designers, developers, and business leaders. Forest, in particular, talks about the designer-focused Expression tools that you'll be hearing more about at MIX.

This video starts out with Scoble “happening” upon Ray and Forest in a hallway, talking about what I think of as an interpretive mural about MIX. The simplest way to describe the mural is to describe how it was created: during a long discussion about MIX a few weeks ago, we asked artist Anthony Weeks to “draw what he was hearing” as we ranted and raved about “MIX, the internet, and everything”. He didn't draw everything; he drew the outbursts and (apparently) cosmic and perhaps ironic observations that he heard (his back was often to us), connecting the dots in ways that I at least didn't expect. An example of the ironic: “The WEB is INEVITABLE and it's here to stay!”. OK, I think we knew that :-). We'll be posting another Channel 9 video soon of that art-meets-MIX conversation.

You might also check out these short podcasts from Steve Cellini (the person writing this blog), Ray, and Thomas Lewis and Joshua: again, more info on the content process.

In the coming days, we will refresh the MIX site and link to the MIX session tool, with which you can browse & query the range of MIX sessions, by speaker, title, track, and focus (designer, developer, etc). We expect to post the near-final 90% of MIX sessions at that time.

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