Mix 06
  • Live in Vegas

36 Sessions Published!

MIX continues to take shape; the latest news being the new site design and lots more session details: titles, abstracts, speakers for 36 sessions. You can browse, query, and filter over those sessions using the session catalog tool, here. You'll see that the 32 breakouts and 4 discussions are categorized by “Scenario”, “Focus (developer, designer, BDM), Speaker, and Session Type (Breakout, Discussion).

A couple of things to point out:

  • We expect to add about 14 more sessions / discussions very soon, for a total of 50 or so.
  • We've already announced a few of the third parties who will be presenting at MIX--Amazon, EBay, PayPal and MySpace--but we'll soon announce many more. We'll be adding a number of third party presenters to sessions we've already published and announcing a new round of third part presenters very soon! We're really excited about the wide variety of viewpoints that we'll see at MIX.
  • You'll see that there are 11 sessions focused on designers. We expect to add a few more soon. Ditto BDM.  

As with any conference, the value that attendees perceive typically centers on networking opportunities and the content. We're working to deliver on both accounts at MIX.

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