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The Wired Ad

Wired AdI'm here to discuss some of the topics Mixed into our ad that broke in Wired.  I'm sure you recognize all the terms, but you might be asking yourself: “What do we mean by them?”

I'm Michael Coates.  I work on Ray's team, focusing on business cases and engaging partners to build interoperable applications that use their technology and data with a variety of other technologies (including ours!).

Of the many topics to be presented at Mix, the user experience will be at the forefront.  At Mix, we'll talk about combining the efforts of designers and developers, allowing each to use their strengths in improving this experience.  We'll talk about the tools that make this collaboration possible.  We'll talk about technologies like web services, RSS and media, and how they can be used to create richer interfaces.  We'll talk about bringing these experiences to a variety of devices and indeed, wherever you are.

I'll chat about more of these topics in upcoming posts.  Join the conversation.  Register now.

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Michael is a Microsoft Technical Evangelist on the Strategic Solutions team. He creates business solutions using technology and works with partners to implement them.