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The User Experience

It's an understatement to say that user experience on the web has come a long way since the 90s.  Back then, companies had web sites that were little more than electronic billboards: they served static content, a few images and static links to yet more static content.  Monetization opportunities were limited due to the limited technology palette afforded to web developers at that time.

Now, web sites are dynamic, interactive and heavily monetized through advertising and online purchase opportunities.  Sites can link to media and other experiences that are literally bursting out of the browser.

Design factors heavily into the user experience now; it's not just code anymore.  A compelling experience includes a navigable path through the site; allowing easy and intuitive access to the features and functions in which the user has an interest.

Users want control over their experience on a site; they want to see their choice of colors, environments and content.  Personalization is another important differentiator between competing sites.

Why do we think the user experience matters?  A better user experience can result in:

  • more time spent on your site, potentially increasing monetization opportunities, or
  • less time spent on your site, if efficiency is your primary goal.
  • increased stickiness and brand loyalty to your site.
  • improved personalization and customization enabling users to select their data in a form that matters to them.


There are several sessions on user experience at Mix06, including “Beyond the Browser”, “Building a Real World WPF Experience” and “Designing a Better User Experience with AJAX”. Join the conversation. Register now

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