Mix 06
  • Live in Vegas

The Judges' Comments

There were a wide range of comments on the entries.  Below is a sample and does not include every comment.  In addition, not all the judges provided comments so it is not possible to derive the top picks from what is included. 

In my personal opinion, the main lesson to take away from this is that even experts have different tastes.  This is true of art, food and, apparently, web design as well.

72 Hour Conversation: Cool Mix06 logo and elements.
Along Came a Spider: Spider, background has seams, close but needs more work to make it look perfect.
Bliss06: A gratuitous Windows app. I like it! But doesn't work as a Web site.
Blizzard: Simple, elegant, easy on my eyes without being hard to read.
Comix:  Points for consistent artistic style and the only appropriate use of Comic Sans MS I think I've ever seen.
Elvis Gates:  Elvis. Not well executed on Firefox. Big impact on first visit, though.
Godzilla Attacks: Godzilla, Legos. Well done. Not likely to get used in commercial site, though.
Horizontal Approach:  Cool sunglasses guy. Cool image, but doesn't get to the top of my list.
LimeMix:  Clever, fun, great color palette and images. The design set it apart from the rest. A great interpretation of what Mix in Vegas means to many people even if it thematically off from the show.
March 12: Kittens and flowers. Who doesn't like those? Not well executed on Firefox.
Mix'86: Clever, cool, retro – the bad monitor effect really impressed me. I felt the WordStar keyboard shortcuts coming back alive in my brain…
Mix2Point0: balance of positive first impression and easy to come back and live in. I know some will say it wasn't out of the box enough; they should read http://www.tomwolfe.com/Bauhaus.html :)
Mixed Directions:  Who knew brown and blue could live together so well? Great color work and attention to detail on this one.
Mixmax Tree:   The creativity and aesthetics impressed me
MyVista Mix06: The overall design direction is incredibly cohesive, even with such a wide color palette. The subdued primary colors work so nicely. Outstanding.
No Wires:  Globe, round balls and weird shapes. I like it, well executed.
Nothing Fancy:  Simple and to the point. The default text sizing was too small for my eyes.
Observer 1906: Great idea... I think a retro newspaper look is a great direction.
Retro Vegas: Best job capturing the essence of Vegas from within QuickTabs.
Serenity: Surreal weird shapes, good use of type.
Tangerine: Orange with bubbles. Interesting theme.
TMix: Simple, understated, and pretty. I was surprised at the low ratings from the community.
Vegas Lights: Crazy orange overdose, but it works so well. Great typography, good contrast, and just the right amount of focal blur. This is a very well thought-out design, executed superbly. One complaint? The sponsor logos overlapping the 'Mixed Up' text.
Wall of Mix: Great visual treatment and clever. Strong first impression.

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