Mix 06
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Sandbox in the MIX Sky

What?  A free hosted website.

Who?  Each MIX attendee gets their own.

Where?  Anywhere! From your laptop or at the CommNet via Internet Alley.

When?  Now, but it will also be available for 6 months after the conference.

Why?  Why not!  Be a part of the experiment.  The Sandbox is a virtual playground for you to play with the technologies we are talking about at MIX (check out the “Atlas” content up there now).  It's not Microsoft specific, you can use any platform or any products you like – this is your play land. 

How?  At check-in each attendee got a private code.  Go to http://mixsandbox.com/, log-in and generate your website.

Sandbox in the Sky:  it's a state of mind!

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