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  • Bill Gates to Go One-on-One with Tim O'Reilly at MIX

    We're excited to announce that a hefty chunk of Bill Gates' keynote presentation at MIX will consist of an unscripted conversation between Bill and Tim O'Reilly, the founder and CEO of O'Reilly media who was instrumental in coining the term "Web 2.0." Read More
  • More about MIX06 Content

    In a new Channel 9 video, Ray Winninger, Forest Key, Joshua Allen, and Thomas Lewis, from the MIX core content planning team, lead off with a high-level conversation about MIX but settle into a more focused discussion about the breakouts, panels, and third-parties that will form the content at MIX. Read More
  • Build Your Own Search Engine

    Ever wondered what the power of search could do for your business? What would you do if that whole infrastructure was offered to you... at a price you could afford? Good news, you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Attend the session, Build Your Own Search Engine, presented by Jeff Barr of Amazon and you'll learn about Alexa.com where they have a web search platform that will enable any user to access large loads of web content and services. Read More
  • Beyond the Browser

    Joshua Allen, a Technical Evangelist on the MIX team has been helping to organize the breakout sessions and discussions for the "Beyond the Browser" track at MIX06. He notes how this conference is shaping up to be rather different from the typical Microsoft conference (and different from most industry conferences, for that matter). Most of the scenarios that will be covered at this conference involve technologies where Microsoft is not calling the shots, and where they need to partner and showc Read More
  • MIX Coming Attractions

    While we won't be able to announce the actual session descriptions until after the holidays, I thought I'd give you some more hints as to the sorts of discussions you can expect to find at MIX. In general, just about all of the content at MIX is geared toward those who build, design and plan web sites meant to attract consumers. In a nutshell, MIX is about exploring the specific ways that Microsoft technologies can help you find, retain and upsell customers to such sites. The slate of specifi Read More
  • Welcome

    Hello. My name is Ray Winninger. In my day-job at Microsoft, I run a strategy and evangelism team that works with large, consumer web sites. I'm also responsible for corralling all the content that will be delivered at MIX this March. In the days and weeks ahead, I and some of my colleagues on the MIX team will drop by this blog to share our thoughts on the conference and preview some of what you'll see and hear there. I thought I'd begin with a few words about what we hope to accomplish at M Read More
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