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  • What can happen in 7.2 minutes? How about a new conversation.

    So, by now you probably have heard us say that we really want MIX to be a 72 hour conversation. Well, we actually decided to start the conversations early. So we stalked, er, I mean nicely followed some of our top speakers to capture the conversations they have with their co-workers, and then edited these down to a tight, compelling, dare I say hot 7.2 minutes (MIX = 72 hours, these = 7.2 minutes, get it???) of tantalizing geek speak each. Read More
  • Design Your Way to Vegas

    Both the MIX team and the Microsoft Gadget team have launched contests that can get you to MIX for free. The MIX challenge is called Remix MIX and was inspired by the amazing work in CSS design at CSS Zen Garden. If you've never been to the site, you owe it to yourself to see the beautiful work being done there. Check it out and you'll immediately understand what we are doing for our Remix competition. We provide you with the CSS of our home page and you supply the inspiration and creativity to Remix the MIX homepage with your own design. Three winners will each receive a full MIX conference pass PLUS airfare and lodging! And wait, there's more! Read More
  • MIX06 Driving Practice

    Navigate Vegas on your Xbox 360 Read More
  • eBay, Amazon MIX it up

    MIX.06 will be the place to rub shoulders with some of the most influential folks on the web. We've gone all out to ensure that this conversation is not one where we're doing all the talking. As Ray mentioned earlier, we'll see industry luminaries keep the conversation going in the right direction. We've also reached out to the who's who of the web to ensure that the story is told without bias and from a partner's perspective. Some of the partners that I've been working with will be presenti Read More
  • 36 Sessions Published!

    MIX continues to take shape; the latest news being the new site design and lots more session details: titles, abstracts, speakers for 36 sessions. We expect to add about 14 more sessions / discussions very soon, for a total of 50 or so. Read More
  • Bill Gates to Go One-on-One with Tim O'Reilly at MIX

    We're excited to announce that a hefty chunk of Bill Gates' keynote presentation at MIX will consist of an unscripted conversation between Bill and Tim O'Reilly, the founder and CEO of O'Reilly media who was instrumental in coining the term "Web 2.0." Read More
  • MIX Session Details Posted

    Hi, my name is Jennifer Ritzinger. I work with Ray and Robert Scoble at Microsoft in our corporate developer and partner evangelism group where I run a team that focuses on early adoption, mainly in the enterprise space. I'm also part of the MIX team, and today we posted a lot (I mean a lot!) of new content about the event. We have up our Top 20 session list, an agenda, and we've announced a couple of our main speakers including Bill Gates and Tim O'Reilly. For the content, we've post Read More
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